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By: Date: September 22, 2020 Categories: Cv

Components of a Good Professional CV

Though all CVs might be different because they are written by or for entirely different individuals, all professional CVs follow a similar outline and contain the following components/ sections;

  1. Personal information and contact details section. These details are located at the top part of your cv. However, while stating this information, one must be careful to avoid redundant information such as religion and one’s children's names. One should also avoid naming their CV “Curriculum Vitae” or “CV’ but instead should use their name as the title.
  2. The next section is called the personal profile or professional profile. It shows potential employers a general overview of the CV writer. The personal profile should be kept as short and precise as possible, not to bore the potential employers.
  3. The next section contains information regarding your experience and employment history. Here you get the chance to give all the information regarding any work experience you have had, even under internship. You should make sure to list your experience starting with the most recent as this is the most important one and finishing with the first one you ever had (reverse chronological order).
  4. Next, you need to present information about your education. This is where you show that you have met all the academic requirements of the vacant position. Ensure that the information presented here starts with the latest school you went to going back to the first one.
  5. The last section is the references section. Nowadays, this section is no longer standardized. You do not have to include it in your CV, just like you still do not have to include your address in your CV. If you do not have enough space for it, then you can do away with it altogether. However, where you include this section, make sure you give a minimum of three referees. You should also make a point of contacting them before sending the CV as some might have forgotten you, and hence it helps to remind them you include them in your CV as referees.

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