The research project: guides and tutorials
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The preparation of a good research project can depend on the execution of our work up to its financing. The research protocol is our roadmap, it is our project and in it we must contemplate all the aspects that are going to participate in our research.

Everything arises from a clinical question and from there comes our hypothesis, our objectives and how we will respond to that question and therefore to those objectives. Choose an appropriate research design, carry it out with the least possible biases, analyze the data, extract the results … are some of the stations of this trip. But we must not forget aspects such as a good schedule or budget.

What is the Justification of a Project?

The justification of a project is an argumentative exercise where the reasons for which an investigation or a project is carried out are exposed. In it, the person responsible for the project establishes reasonable judgments about the meaning, nature and interest pursued by said work. to certain academic or social commitments.

These reasons should highlight the importance and relevance of the work. Relevance is related to the appropriateness of research in the context in which it arises.

How to do the justification of a project?

A written page must be reached and answer the following questions:

  • What will be done?
  • Why is it going to be done?
  • What is it going to do?
  • how’s gonna get done?
  • Since in this part of the research work, the reason for the study or the reason for its realization is expressed. You must have certain elements of importance to identify in it, as they are: who benefits the project once completed, how it would benefit and in what time these benefits will become tangent.

It also highlights three key aspects in the development of the project:

  • The Theoretical Aspect: focuses on presenting the theoretical reasons that justify this research, that is, it must indicate the knowledge that the work will provide about the object that was investigated.
  • The Practical Aspect: shows the applicability of the research, how it is projected in society and identifies which person, organization or group of people will benefit from it.
  • The Methodological aspect: indicates what type of contribution this research gives to other research done previously.
  • In summary when raising the justification of a research project should be made clear, on what its importance is based, what benefits it generates and what its contributions are. In order to further forward observe and analyze if the research meets these criteria.

If it is concluded that the solutions obtained solve the problem posed, the research has practical utility and therefore is justified.

If the results generate new knowledge, then it has methodological utility.

According to some authors, the justification of the study should not be carried out with all these criteria, it is enough to comply with only one. However, there are those who consider that the better and more abundant the justification, the better the research project will be evaluated.

Importance of the justification of a project

In this sense it must be taken into account that the justification is the sale of the project and the capacity of the researcher, it offers the opportunity to generate benefits from the results of said project, if the justification is sufficiently convincing, the project can get help and sources of funding to not only remain in something embodied in paper, because it is an academic requirement or a latent idea.

To finalize and accommodate the attempt to put it into practice, it is a good idea to consider the benefits based on compliance deadlines, highlight short-term benefits, medium-term benefits and long-term benefits.

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