What Are The Parts Of An Essay?
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An essay is a written work whose main characteristic consists of the possibility of developing a particular theme with the option of giving it the personality that is desired throughout the text and visit the – https://writemyessaytoday.org/ website.

It is ideal to express ideas or a particular position on a topic, without the rigidity required by the scientific field, in addition the parts of an essay are precise and simple which distances it a lot from the research work.

Characteristics of an essay

  • Thematic freedom
  • Friendly style writing.
  • It allows to include references or appointments in case it is considered necessary.
  • The development is based on arguments and does not follow a pre-established structure.
  • Generally the essay aims to focus on a large audience.
  • It has similarities with the speech, the press articles, the epistle, etc.

Parts of an essay

The parts of an essay can be considered by the writer, according to the need to deepen the elaboration of the text under a particular style. In this sense the structure of an essay is conceived under the classic idea of: introduction, content to develop and conclusion.
It is worth noting that the parts of an essay do not have a defined sequence, simply here is an idea of ​​how to deal with this type of work.

Depending on the type of test, the content may vary and therefore the structure thereof. Leaving the basic structure perhaps to a slightly more complex.


It is the initial part of the essay, in this section the writer concentrates on presenting each of the topics and points that he intends to develop in that essay. It is also possible that the author includes some clues of the hypotheses or conclusions that he plans to put forward later in the body of the text.

The introduction has the basic purpose of capturing the reader’s interest, for which the argument of the essay is offered in the best possible way.


This point is considered, the thick part of the essay, here the author focuses on presenting each of the main arguments of the work, considering that each author has a way to develop their own ideas.

It is the most important of the parts of an essay since here all the content that is to be disclosed to the reader is reported.

In the scientific test, the tests to which the thesis is submitted, test and error tests, comparisons, bibliography used and any other type of material that proves or refutes the hypothesis are presented. The more data that is contributed, the more solid the hypothesis will be.

In the argumentative essay the thesis is defended based on own opinions and other studies that serve for this defense. Always leaving clear the authorship of the ideas contributed.


It is the final part, as the introduction is brief, is characterized by bringing together the main ideas that have been mentioned throughout the trial, so it is attributed a role of reaffirmation of ideas or hypotheses raised in the body of the text.

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